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Note: Some whistleblower laws have deadlines as short as 30 days.

Thank you for contacting the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund. All communications with the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund are considered confidential under the Attorney-Client Privilege. However, neither the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund, nor the attorneys working on the Fund's staff represent you unless you have signed a formal written representation agreement.

DISCLAIMER: This form will to be used only to permit an attorney to confidentially evaluate your claim or case. It is not a commitment to provide legal representation. The NWLDEF is not affiliated with any government agency or court. Hitting the Submit button does not constitute the filing of a claim with any government agency or court. Regardless of our evaluation of your situation, the contents of the form shall remain confidential.

It is NWLDEF’s strict policy that the confidential report forms you submit shall remain confidential. We consider the submission and content of this form to fall within the confines of the attorney-client and work product privileges and will treat the information we receive accordingly. Please understand that although we consider your communication with us to be privileged, we are not your attorneys and do not represent you. Should we mutually agree to enter a representation arrangement, we will enter into a formal written agreement with you setting forth the scope and terms of our legal representation.

If a referral is made and you hire that attorney to represent you the NWLDEF ARS will have no further involvement with your case. Furthermore, it is up to you to independently evaluate the quality of any attorney/law firm to which a referral is made. A referral does not constitute an endorsement of the attorney/law firm. The attorneys on the referral list do not pay any referral fees to the NWLDEF ARS. The ARS is a pro bono public service.

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Any materials submitted to us by mail cannot be returned.

Nothing on this web site should be interpreted as legal advice or guidance as to whether or not you have a valid claim.  The NWLDEF cannot make any judgment on your case, or whether or not we can help you, until after you provide the us with information and we have an opportunity to review that information.

Questions regarding the Confidential Report Form, status of your report, and inquires about the Attorney Referral Service – Email:

Regardless of whether you are able to retain counsel through this service, it is absolutely imperative for whistleblowers to know their rights. We strongly suggest that you review the resources linked on The Whistleblowers Protection Blog.

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